In 1988, the brand was founded
In 1990, the brand adjusted to become a whole category pearl master
In 1995, the former British Prime Minister, Mrs. Thatcher, became the first VIP dignitaries of FANGHUA Pearl


On 1996, Fiji prime minister, Israeli President’s wife, Spanish speaker and Mrs. Thatcher again visited Fanghua jewelry
In 1998, the former president of Finland talija. Kazakhstan Luoning lady, former British Prime Minister Blair’s visit to China to visit the Pearl Cherie Blair.

On 1999, the Prime Minister of New Zealand and the president of Iceland visited pearl in person
In 2000, former US Defense Secretary Cohen and his wife and British defence minister visited our pearl in person
On 2001, Mrs., Prime Minister of the Italy and wife of the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea visited pearl in her youth
On 2002, Prime Minister of Bangladesh and Minister of foreign affairs of Finland visited pearl in person
On 2003, Russian President Putin’s wife Lyudmila and Ukraine ambassador to the United States visited Madame pearl in person
In 2004, the former president of Finland talija. Kazakhstan Luoning fourth visit Fanghua pearl, Russian President Putin Mrs. Lyudmila. The fourth visit of Madagascar youth pearl, the wife of the president, the president of Armenia to visit the youth lady Pearl


In 2005, former US Secretary of state Nancy Kissinger, vice president Cheney and ambassador to the United States visited Madame Pearl
In 2006, former President George H. Bush and his wife, Queen of Belgium, Prince of Brunei, and wife of President Mugabe of Zimbabwe visited pearl in youth

In 2007, Irish Prime Minister John – Brown and Ambassador Dai Di, Swedish Vice Premier and United States Olympic star Phelps visited pearl pearl, the new Taiwanese Excellence Award and Charity Award

In 2008, the former president of Finland talija. Kazakhstan Luoning lady and her husband, President Bush’s wife Lara, the wife of the president, the Swiss Foreign Minister Fra di Ni of Italy, President of Latvia, President of Mali, President of Mauritius, Mrs. Mrs. Mrs., Mrs. president of Cyprus president of Indonesia, to the youth, the United Front Work Department of the CPC Beijing Municipal Committee of Pearl issued to participate in the Olympic Games, the Olympic service advanced unit

In 2009, Prime Minister of Malaysia, President of Uruguay and his wife, Serbia’s president to visit the youth Pearl
In 2010, the president of Finland talija. Kazakhstan Luoning seventh visit, Oscar pearl youth actor Nicholas. Cage went to the youth pearl, 100 outstanding Zhejiang Award
In 2011, Hollywood actress Jessica – Alba, Deputy Prime Minister of Iraq and Ambassador of Azerbaijan lady visited pearl in person to win Chinese jewelry from China jewelry and jewelry industry association
Industry well-known brand won the China jewelry jewelry industry association issued by the Chinese jewelry industry assured
Demonstration shop China water pearl industry standard research and development expert unit
On 2012, the Prime Minister of Italy and the governor of Texas visited the Pearl
In 2013, the first lady of Serbia came to visit her youth jewelry
In 2015, President Amena of Mauritius – Ancient cloth – Barbosa and his wife, Fajimu long, Mexico Senate Zu Bin Mehta to visit youth jewelry
In 2016, Ukraine’s first president Clough Chuck, Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mrs. Mai Maxinha, Terri – Vitra Nepal prime minister and foreign minister of Italy, Prime Minister of Malaysia to visit the youth jewelry